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104.7 is Canberra's Hit Music Station catering for the under 40's. 104.7 features the high profile and energetic Scotty & Nige for breakfast and more music through the workday with Ad Free 50's.

104.7 reaches over *128,100 listeners every week. 104.7 listeners are busy life-stylers in the mid to high socio economic groups. From young professionals to young couples with families, this group is socially active and big on entertainment. Typically 18-39 with high disposable incomes, the 104.7 audience are early adopters, brand conscious and up with the times.

Spontaneous, energetic, and interactive, with the hottest contests, the latest promotions, and only Canberra's Hit Music - you need 104.7.

*Nielsen Media Research Canberra Radio Survey 2/09, All People 10+ Mon-Sun, 5:30a - 12mn

Contact: Dina Tsakiris - 104.7 Sales Manager
Address: 55 Bellenden Street
Crace ACT 2911
Postal Address: PO Box 106
Dickson ACT 2602
Telephone: (02) 6123 4104
Fax: (02) 6123 4127