Posted: 27 April, 2015

This Eight-Limbed Baby Is Considered A God In India

A woman has given birth to a child with four arms and four legs who is now being worshipped as Hindu God Ganesha.

See the pics here!

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Posted: 27 April, 2015

People Freak Out As April Fool’s Joke Becomes Reality

Proving that there really is power in numbers, a bunch of cider enthusiasts managed to bring to life their ultimate fantasy.

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Posted: 27 April, 2015

Justin Bieber Crashed A Prom And People Lost Their Minds (What A Surprise!)

Jusin Bieber crashed a high school prom on this weekend – proving there is some good in the world (if you’re a teenage girl anyway).

Beibs crashed the Chatsworth Charter High School prom in LA on Saturday night and even danced with a few of the gushing teenage attendees.

"I DANCED WITH @justinbieber AT MY PROM," one girl wrote Twitter, while another wrote, "THANK YOU @justinbieber FOR THE BEST PROM."

Bieber retweeted several of the messages to his 61.3 million followers.

Want visual proof? There's about a million vines and Twitter videos floating around.

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Posted: 27 April, 2015

Leonardo Is Officially On Tinder!

Superstar actor is swiping left and right!

Ladies get swiping – Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly on Tinder! 

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Posted: 27 April, 2015

Blue Ivy Steals The Show At Beyoncé’s Mum’s Wedding

On April 12th, Beyoncé’s mother Tina Knowles tied the knot with actor Richard Lawson.

Knowles wore a white Romona Kevez gown complimented by a gold waist belt.

Of course the wedding looked simply beautiful, but Beyoncé has shared some of the most gorgeous pics of her daughter Blue Ivy who was flower girl at the special event.

Blue Ivy was snapped with her cousin Daniel Julez Smith Jr – who was the pageboy, and she sure is growing up so very fast.

See all the pics here!

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Posted: 27 April, 2015

London Marathon Runner Breaks Away From Race & Proposes To His Girlfriend

As If You Wouldn’t Say Yes

English man, Jordan Meikle was half way through his 42.2 kilometre marathon when he stopped running to say hello to his girlfriend, Kaylie Harris who was proudly watching him from the side line.

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Posted: 27 April, 2015

What Caused Jay-Z’s Twitter Outburst?

The mogul lashes out at critics

getty images

He might be mega rich, super famous and cooler than anyone that’s ever lived, but even Jay-Z’s ego can get hurt sometimes..

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Posted: 27 April, 2015

Kim Kardashian: "We're In Therapy"

The reality star opens up in new interview

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It was the interview that stopped the world. Bruce Jenner’s two-hour special with Diane Sawyer was the most authentic, real, inspiring and absolutely beautiful TV moment in memory.

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Posted: 26 April, 2015

Here’s What Your Facebook Notifications Tab Will Look Like Soon

Who doesn’t love changes on Facebook

The social media network have revealed a completely overhauled notifications tab that will give you more an overview of your day.

Click for a breakdown of the new features!

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Posted: 26 April, 2015

How To Not Get Songs Stuck In Your Head

A simple solution we never would have thought of!

There’s nothing worse than having a catchy song stuck in your head, psychologists have come up with an easy solution to help get rid of it.

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Posted: 26 April, 2015

New Tattoo Proves Kylie Jenner Is The Only Woman On Tyga’s Arm

But we thought Tyga wanted to get back with Blac Chyna?

Tyga posed for a photo with a fan, revealing fresh ink on his arm and it looks like Kylie’s name!

Click to see why we're so confused by the tattoo!

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Posted: 26 April, 2015

Why You Should Never Give A Monkey The Middle Finger

How could you anyway?

A man who gave a monkey the middle finger has hilariously been put in his place.

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