Posted: 2 October, 2014

What Did Amal's BFF Say In Her Wedding Toast?


George Clooney’s new wife Amal Alamuddin has a LOT going for her… she’s a highly successful human rights lawyer… not to mention she’s gorgeous! But it seems before she met George, she had lots of trouble with love…

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Posted: 2 October, 2014

Nokia 3310 Gets Its Own Bend Test

The Undisputed Leader In Durability


So (stupid) people everywhere are bending their phones to test the durability, after the iPhone 6 was said to bend during ‘normal use.’

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Posted: 2 October, 2014

Selena Gomez & Miranda Kerr’s Awkward Photo

Forced To Take A Picture Together At Paris Fashion Week

(Getty Images)

Uh oh… we all remember the whole Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom and Selena Gomez love triangle, right?

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Posted: 2 October, 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Ricki-Lee Debuts GiddyUp Lyric Video

The gorgeous and amazingly talented Ricki-Lee has released the third official, and lead single, from her upcoming album 'Dance In The Rain'.

GiddyUp was written by Ricki-Lee alongside Brian Kierulf and Joshua Schwartz and is out on iTunes from tomorrow (Friday October 3rd).

You can also pre-order 'Dance In The Rain' on iTunes now, which will get you the tracks 'In The Mood', 'All We Need Is Love', 'Happy Ever After' and 'Dance In The Rain' instantly, 'GiddyUp' when it comes out tomorrow, and then a full copy of the album when it's out on October 17th.

"Life throws so much at you and I write about it all," Ricki-Lee explains about the album.

"Through the 18-months of writing and producing the album I figured I had a lot to say and there were so many things I wanted to express - and I managed to pull it all together for this one album."

And if that all wasn't enough, Scoopla has your exclusive first look at the fun lyric video for GiddyUp right here, right now!

WATCH: See the video here!

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Posted: 2 October, 2014

Lindsay Lohan Wants To Have Kids

Oh, And To Fall In Love.


Lindsay Lohan has been getting back on track, she’s cleaned up her ways and is living in London working on a play.

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Posted: 2 October, 2014

Nude Video Leaked of Big Brother Housemate

Plus INCREDIBLE Body Transformation Pics

The new Big Brother intruder "Leo" aka Ryan Burke-Gaffney - model and personal trainer - has recently been dropped into the house and has left super fans scouring the net to find his digital blueprint and uncover any goss they can.

Top Big Brother Fan Site has exclusively obtained footage of intruder Ryan in the starkers! 

The video shows Ryan walking around for a promotional real estate video. See the NSFW video below!

If you thought that was impressive, check out his before and after photos, “His chiselled looks haven’t always been there – he admits he’s suffered from body image issues and used to be overweight” reports

Ryan was a contestant on a previous dating show on Eleven, he revealed on the show “he was brought up by two lesbian mums and this caused him to have a difficult childhood”.

Tune into Big Brother Ch9 8.40pm Weekdays.

A naked man as a realtor

(If you have troubles watching the video you may need to sign into YouTube to confirm your age).

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Posted: 1 October, 2014

18 Cringeworthy Texts From Exes That Only Made Things Worse

Breakups are already bad enough as it is… but then come the desperate and sometimes horrible texts from your ex!

Check Them Out Here!

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Posted: 1 October, 2014

27 Crazy Drivers Who Should Be Banned From The Road

If you ever feel like there are too many road rules in Australia, maybe you should try driving in another country!

Check Out These Crazy Drivers!

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Posted: 1 October, 2014

What The Simpsons Sound Like in Other Countries

Seriously… This Is Hilarious!

Have you ever wanted to know what your favourite cartoon family sounds like in different languages?

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Posted: 1 October, 2014

20 Twin Moments With The Veronicas!

They actually talk in harmony.

We couldn't help but notice how adora-bubble Jess and Lisa are when they twinned it up in our interview. So here are 20 times The Veronicas were too twinny to handle… nawwww.

Click through to watch the video!

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Posted: 1 October, 2014

The Pixar Theory

How Every Pixar Movie Is Connected!

I’ve often thought to myself, why does every PIXAR film I watch seem familiar in some way?

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Posted: 1 October, 2014

This Mirror Changed These Woman's Perspective On Themselves Forever

The Mrs., an all-female band from Austin, Texas. Have created one of the most beautiful moments, a very special message to woman letting them know they are enough.

Watch The Video

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