Amy Schumer's Bradley Cooper Fantasy

Amy Schumer has opened up to GQ Magazine about what she would like to do with some very famous men! The result is hilarious. Find out her more here..

Kylie" I Like Caitlyn More Than Bruce

Kylie Jenner’s highly anticipated interview with Ellen DeGeneres aired today and the stunning reality star confessed that she likes Caitlyn “more than Bruce.” Watch the interview here..

Hair Ties Around Your Wrist Could Lead To Infection

Do you like to put a spare hair elastic around your wrist?

ANT-MAN (Official Trailer) Uploaded at 8 January, 2015 - 9:04AM

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With the ability to shrink in size but grow in strength, a con man must help his mentor protect the secret of his Ant-Man suit and pull off a heist that will save the world.