Hi! I do the Afternoon show every day straight after Sarah from 1pm - 4pm.

My full name is Dan Jones they shorten it to DJ on-air. Well actually that’s not entirely true, my full name is Daniel Zack Jones. Zack because I was born on Anzac day, which was cool and everything but my parents didn’t foresee me shortening Daniel to Dan, so now it’s Dan Zack, which just sounds f#$@ing ridiculous.

I was born in Bankstown around a lot of multiculturalism and EPIC kebabs. I did community radio for free at a bunch of stations in Sydney, one of which banned me for prank calling brothel’s on-air. When I was 21 I decided to do a road trip around NSW and ACT with a dodgy as radio demo trying to get a paid announcer job (I even visited 104.7!). Dubbo took pity on me in the end and I packed my bags for my first paid job at 2DU in Dubbo, then it was StarFM Dubbo, then off to HotFM Townsville.

I’m so pumped that the journey has now come full circle by playing the biggest hits everyday on Canberra’s 104.7 Call me anytime I’d love to hear from you 13 10 60 or email dan@1047.com.au


Age: Young enough to keep an announcer job at 104.7, too old to be upstairs at Mooseheads.

Job: Announcer and Social Media Specialist

Favourite Food: If I could have Yum Cha for the rest of my life I would be happy. But I would never pass up a crumbed steak or a good Pad Thai.

Ideal Weekend: Going on a long roadtrip with friends to get to a houseparty where there’s lots to drink (responsibly).

Worst Habit: I have a TERRIBLE fidgety nervous habit where I keep playing with my chewing gum, it’s disgusting.

Hobbies: I volunteer at a youth detention centre… somebody once told me that’s not a hobby.

Favourite TV Shows: Arrested Development, True Blood, Q&A, South Park, Seinfeld (or anything with Larry David). I HATE Friends! Worst show ever.

Favourite Movies: Anything directed by Stanley Kubrick especially A Clockwork Orange and The Shining. Apart from that a weird mix of comedies, movies like Borat and Seven Psychopaths. I can’t stand the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.