Hi! I do the Afternoon show every day from 1pm - 4pm.

My full name is Dan Jones they shorten it to DJ on-air. Well actually that’s not entirely true, my full name is Daniel Zack Jones. Zack because I was born on Anzac day, which was cool and everything but my parents didn’t foresee me shortening Daniel to Dan, so now it’s Dan Zack, which just sounds f#$@ing ridiculous.

I was born in Bankstown around well… lots of Bankstown crime but thankfully also awesome kebabs.

I was pretty heavily into religion as a teenager and that’s developed my worldview and faith into my adult life. But I try not to be a d!&khead about it.

I did community radio for free at a bunch of stations in Sydney, one of which banned me for prank calling brothel’s on-air. When I was 21 I decided to do a road trip around NSW and ACT with a dodgy as radio demo trying to get a paid announcer job (I even visited 104.7!).

Dubbo took pity on me in the end and I packed my bags for my first paid job at 2DU in Dubbo, then it was StarFM Dubbo, then off to HotFM Townsville. I’m now the afternoon announcer and music director of 104.7 Canberra.

I love stirring people up, which makes this job extra fun. At the same I hate people being treated badly. After angering feminists with how much I play Robin Thicke you may very well find me at a rally protesting for Asylum Seeker rights. In essence I’m a hypocritical idiot that talks on-air.

Call me anytime I’d love to hear from you 13 10 60 or email danjones@1047.com.au


Favourite Food:  I love Asian stuff. I’ll never pass up sweet and sour pork but I like to pretend I’m cultured by knowing you’re not meant to eat Thai with chop sticks. I’ll never pass up a crumbed steak either.

Ideal Weekend:  Nothing like knowing you’re going on an 8 hour drive with good mates to get somewhere with a Skim Caramel Latte Extra Hot. Yep, I’m a douchebag.

Pet Hate: If I think I’ve upset somebody I will think about it non-stop until I end up texting or calling them. But I also hate that, and want to think of myself as somebody that doesn’t give a f*#k what other people think. So I guess that’s a self-pet hate?

Hobbies: Arguing with people on the internet.

Fave TV show: I love True Blood but it’s for nerdy reasons like vampire politics… not the boobs I swear! You’ll also catch me tweeting #QandA when my boss would be preferring me tweeting #MyKitchenRules

My Perfect World:  Where I’m paid a billion dollars to host a worldwide radio show and I have hair as good as Howard Stern (but without the wrinkly face).