Born in Dubbo, moved to Canberra in '97 and has been here ever since apart from a couple of short years when he was lured by the sunny beaches and warm temps of the Gold Coast! He loves a game of basketball, playing his guitar, tormenting his cats Jonte & Lachie and being a homebody with his wife & daughter.

If we could drag him away from his gadgets, comics, video games and poor taste in music we might be able to tell you more… but we can't… so he's tall… and has curly hair.


Name: Joe Gleeson

Age: 30

Job: Producer of Scotty and Nige and Daytime Announcer

Favourite Food: Butter Chicken!

Ideal Weekend: Boardgames and beverages in the man shed with the wife, family and friends! Awesome.

Worst Habit: Having an epic Fro.

Hobbies: Guitar, DIY and Starcraft 2 ?

Favourite TV Shows: Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad Family Guy and Walking Dead

Favourite Movies: Can I say Toy Story? Best ever!