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Having Trouble Live Streaming!?


Gai Brodtmann has listened to all the phone calls and emails you have been sending - and we thank each and every one of you for that. Gai has started a petition, to have Malcolm Turnbull, the Minister for Communications, impliment the requests of the Senate Environment and Communications References Committee, to resolve the online streaming issue.We ask each and everyone of you that is effected by this to sign the petition so you can go back to listening to your favourite radio station.

Thanks for your support, 104.7 Team


Time Waster Of The Day

Can’t wait for this, amazing how in a 2 min+ trailer they don’t really giveaway any spoilers, but be careful there are shots in this from the upcoming season!


Convoy for Cancer Families 2014 

Convoy 2014

We are proud to announce we have raised over $180 000 from this years Convoy for Cancer. Thank you to everyone for supporting the ACT Eden Monaro Cancer Support Group's Convoy for Cancer. You all made this years convoy very successful!


What's Our Scene

Scotty & Nige love thespians, but who doesn't! Listen out as the boys do their best to re-enact a classic movie scene. Guess the scene, win the prize...simple? Yes! Then again, Scotty & Nige are simple men.

$1000 Pop Quiz

Ok folks, let's face it, if you register on line and then we call you for the Pop Quiz when you are asleep, you're probably not going to win. So in an effort to giveaway more cash, if you wanna play the Pop Quiz we are going to open up the phones every morning at 7am when we need a contestant.

So whack 131060 in ya speed dial and keep an ear on the wireless!

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